Winning a game often comes down to one player achieving a favourable table state over a sequence of plays. During the game each player will try to form favourable table state through what I call patterns of play.

A pattern of play is a table state that is visually recognisable which has implications on the outcome of the game. Patterns of play involve models from both sides and are therefore the result of actions both players have taken.

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Hi – I’m High Paladin, general misanthrope and, of late, known as The Doomtrain. Menoth are my one, true faction and, like any man of faith, I’ve come home for MK3.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be doing a run down of the various models in the Protectorate and my initial impressions of each.

I’m hoping some of my compatriots will join me and do something similar for their own factions, but time will tell.

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Ok, So the Welsh Masters 2016 is going to be 3 list, and we know SR2015 is being kept till Lock and Load, which means we know scenerios being played, we know ADR lists. So I can start planning lists now.

ADR for Cygnar

We got an increible strong ADR in Season 3 of Haley 1, Caine 2, Stryker 2 and Nemo 3. 3 out of 4 of these casters are on the high end of our caster options Haley 1 with either Caine 2 or Stryker 2 would be great in 2 list format, and either in 3 list it be strong but I feel 3 lists makes it less useful. So I decided against it, I sure others will go with it and do well with it.

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Nick Pound (pVayl) vs James Sykes (Goreshade 3)

The game was played at Travelling Man on 22/10/2015. Below, you’ll find the video of the game and a turn by turn breakdown of each player’s thoughts on the game. Enjoy!

Pre-game Thoughts

Nick: So I know James has been a little back and forth on Shade3 a lot recently and I’ve had little experience with him other than looking at Blackbanes>feat>Spell Assassination lists a little, which it turns out is not the only way to play him. I was speaking to james about the Billy Cruikshanks patented “McThrall Cannon” and while I don’t remember the exact distances needed I do remember the maths of it killing an Angelius once Stationary, and Typhons stats are too similar for me to risk that. Its also a new Vayl list I’m trying, never played it before but was hopeful for its damage output and infantry shredding potential.

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One of the strengths of the game is the ability to field two (or even three)
lists in order to avoid lop sided games. This leads to pairings where the goal
is to create a sea of 50-60%, given even player skill, favourable matchups.
Here are ten questions other lists will ask of your pairing which you can use to
think through the costs and benefits of different caster or unit combinations.

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It’s been about 6 months since I started playing Cryx , so I can no longer claim “new faction” as an excuse. The pressure to continue my oddly successful stint at the ETC was making me a little nervous about attending the UK Masters, but I was on a good run.

After arriving early on the Friday and getting some sleep, I played a late, late game against James Salt which finished at around 1am. After an exceptionally long and bloody game, Asphyxious managed to kill enough of Haley’s pieces that James clocked out before he could get enough scenario points.

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Hi all – as I had a fairly successful ETC (apart from the first game), I thought I’d do a quick write-up of my games and thoughts. A little bit of preamble first.

So, as most of you probably know, I started playing Cryx earlier this year, getting up to 50 points at the start of March. Prior to the Friday of the ETC, I’d played 27 games with Cryx at the 50 point bracket and felt okay about my play. I’d only played Lich 2 a handful of times, though, so was pretty nervous about dropping him.

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