2 comments on “Your friend, the Deathclock

  1. Good coverage of the clock issues. I think I would add in two things though.

    1. Don’t Panic
    Sometimes there is a temptation to rush because you are on the clock the key is knowing when to rush (turn 1/2) and when to slow down a little bit (turn 3/4).

    2. Use the clock time
    I think this is slightly in contradiction to your points but it works for me. If you only have a rough idea of what you want to do take 30 seconds look away from the table and then come back with a blank opinion. Tied into this is if you are up on clock don’t worry about using it. Your opponent is the one under pressure and not you

  2. Excellent point – I hadn’t thought to mention what to do once you actually get up on clock. Being able to luxuriate in precise placement and activation while your opponent scrabbled for time is a massive advantage.

    I haven’t personally tried the ‘fresh eyes’ approach, but this is a good place for whatever works for people.

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