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Ok, So the Welsh Masters 2016 is going to be 3 list, and we know SR2015 is being kept till Lock and Load, which means we know scenerios being played, we know ADR lists. So I can start planning lists now.

ADR for Cygnar

We got an increible strong ADR in Season 3 of Haley 1, Caine 2, Stryker 2 and Nemo 3. 3 out of 4 of these casters are on the high end of our caster options Haley 1 with either Caine 2 or Stryker 2 would be great in 2 list format, and either in 3 list it be strong but I feel 3 lists makes it less useful. So I decided against it, I sure others will go with it and do well with it.

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Nick Pound (pVayl) vs James Sykes (Goreshade 3)

The game was played at Travelling Man on 22/10/2015. Below, you’ll find the video of the game and a turn by turn breakdown of each player’s thoughts on the game. Enjoy!

Pre-game Thoughts

Nick: So I know James has been a little back and forth on Shade3 a lot recently and I’ve had little experience with him other than looking at Blackbanes>feat>Spell Assassination lists a little, which it turns out is not the only way to play him. I was speaking to james about the Billy Cruikshanks patented “McThrall Cannon” and while I don’t remember the exact distances needed I do remember the maths of it killing an Angelius once Stationary, and Typhons stats are too similar for me to risk that. Its also a new Vayl list I’m trying, never played it before but was hopeful for its damage output and infantry shredding potential.

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