Battle Report

Nick Pound (pVayl) vs James Sykes (Goreshade 3)

The game was played at Travelling Man on 22/10/2015. Below, you’ll find the video of the game and a turn by turn breakdown of each player’s thoughts on the game. Enjoy!

Pre-game Thoughts

Nick: So I know James has been a little back and forth on Shade3 a lot recently and I’ve had little experience with him other than looking at Blackbanes>feat>Spell Assassination lists a little, which it turns out is not the only way to play him. I was speaking to james about the Billy Cruikshanks patented “McThrall Cannon” and while I don’t remember the exact distances needed I do remember the maths of it killing an Angelius once Stationary, and Typhons stats are too similar for me to risk that. Its also a new Vayl list I’m trying, never played it before but was hopeful for its damage output and infantry shredding potential.

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So I’ve been thinking about how to deal with eVyros in my 2 list format a lot recently, with ETC coming up and it being the preferred drop into Legion I wanted something that offered the tools to deal with all the Griffons, be able to kill Imperatus if needed and also offer great assassination potential. While I think Saeryn can do it, I’ve decided eVayl is the better drop so suggested it to Alastair who also wanted practice against eVayl. We arranged the game and set up the camera as its a matchup we expect and wanted the footage to learn from.

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