Vanyr, Bulwark of the Dawn

Once better known as Arsyr Vanyr Nyarr. Former Master-at-Arms of Aeryth Dawnguard and a veteran commander of the War of the Houses, culminating in the apparent demise of Narcissar Ghyrrshyld. Vanyr has entered battle many times, his soldiers emboldened by his mere presence and driven to feats of heroism under his direction. A master combatant having never been felled in single combat, he became a venerated Fane Knight in his advancing years, now he marches to war once again, in defence of his homeland, alongside the Retribution.

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First of thanks to Nova Nomads for coming up with this idea.

So what does this mean, well first off I going to run a League rather than tournament, mainly because the local guys struggle to all make one day, due to work commitments. But other than that we going to run it pretty much as Nova Nomads did but over the course of time period (depending number of players just how long)

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